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I offer tutoring sessions for academic English papers for 50 dollars for three hours via Skype. You can e-mail your paper to me using the contact form below, and we can work through the paper together. I do not edit papers ahead of time, as I feel like that is taking away from the learning experience you could have by both of us going through the paper together. You may have up to a maximum of three hours, as I may have other clientele I need to attend to. So far, I am only offering tutoring on the weekends because of school during the week and working at the writing center.

As for editing services, if you are a novel-length creative writer, I will edit your first fifty pages for the price of 50.00, a dollar per page. I do not have time for a full manuscript critique, but I am willing to help with first fifty. With the first fifty, I analyze voice, pacing, characterization, plot development (has your plot derailed, are you introducing some elements too early/too late?), world building, what works/what doesn't work, opening, chapter endings, sub-plots, and various other elements. If you want a line edit, I charge 100.00 for the first 50, 2 dollars per page. The line edit will not only include the above mentioned, but also a detailed copy editing service.

For tutoring services, I expect payment up front. I am a university accredited tutor at Augusta State University and have been tutoring at its writing center since the fall of 2010. For editorial services, I will give a line edit to your first 500 for free, and you can let me know how you would like to proceed from there if you like my style.

My resume detailing my experience can be found at the bottom of this page as well as services you can buy using paypal.
Please use the contact form below to let me know that you have purchased one of my services.

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Three Hour Tutoring Session
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